Ekit’s Pocherohan: A Taste of Hispanic Cebu

Cebuanos are a quirky bunch. And, we even extend that quirkiness to what we eat. Tuslob-buwa. Ginabot. Highblood Station. We love our food deep-fried and oily — everything your doctor warns you about.


One of the best restaurants which people love to go to for lunch is Ekit’s Foodhaus — or simply Ekit’s, as it is commonly known. This al fresco diner in Mabolo offers a wide variety of truly Pinoy cuisine with a special emphasis on its Spanish heritage. Don’t be fooled by it’s rather homely facade for Ekit’s delicious home-cooked meals bring to mind sweet memories of fiestas, country fairs and those little colorful banderitas. The house is mainly popular for its pochero (beef stew), but the house’s seafood, pancit and saliva-inducing ginamos (salted anchovies) don’t disappoint either.

Behold, Ekit’s famous Pochero with all its bony and oily goodness!
You can never go wrong with some grilled squid during lunch. Release the Kraken!
Omega-3, anyone ?
We all love Lechon Kawali to a fault.

You are assured the food is amazingly good when despite the apparent difficulty in finding the place, people still flock to it like a gold rush in the 1850s. The place is one big boodle fight where guests feast to their hearts’ content despite the humidity. There are only a few electric fans for ventilation, but, if anything, the humidity only furthers the sultriness of the already exotic ambiance of the place — reminiscent of our Hispanic past, siestas and cockfight derbies (and you can actually see some roosters there too).

Ekit's Foodhaus
Here is a Google Map bird’s eye view of Ekit’s Special Pochero House.

Pochero is served at 50Php per bowl. Most dishes range from 50Php to 300Php — which is actually an amazing bargain considering what you get in exchange. In this day and age of cholesterol deposits and rampant morbid obesity, Ekit’s is surely a winner. Don’t forget to hit the gym after a binge. Better yet, see your doctor regularly. Take that piece of advice from a 78-kg obese who thinks pop corn is an exercise of some sort. Happy eating!




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