SIKWATE.ORG is generally an ambitious attempt at encapsulating into mere words this age’s Zeitgeist — the soul of the generation, its hopes and its sorrows. While I pen these stories, some of these are lived by others and I cannot but be grateful for the privilege of telling them.

Sikwate is named thus after the memory of my Lola (grandma) and of that delicious drink she used to brew for us, her grandchildren, when we were little. She was the typical grandmother — doting, kind and nannying. She used to spoil us a lot, and the best that I could do  is to name this little journal after my sweetest memory of her.


SIKWATE.ORG is a sincere byproduct of a confused mind attempting to attain clarity despite the apparent ambiguity in things in this digital society. It is a presumptuous collection of thoughts, aspirations, justifications and frustrations of the “smart phone” generation. This is an honest manifesto of this society’s desire to re-define established norms – not with the intent of vain and baseless regression to chaos, but of an honest quest for truth and improvement.


SIKWATE.ORG talks about the concept of gratifying life in general, perhaps, in a more modern perspective. We ambitiously delve deeper into the known elements of happiness and see if these still maintain relevance in this fast-paced and shrinking world we currently have. We also dare an attempt at understanding our generation – millennials as we are known, the psychology behind us and the things which make us tick. Despite the stigma and labels stuck on us, we firmly maintain we are in no way inferior than those who came before. We simply are different for obvious reasons. After all, the unprecedented rise of technology brings about a new set of realities which, in turn, breed a new set of thinking.

Still, it is a long way ahead. We are hopeful, nonetheless. We believe it is high time we show the world what we are capable of doing. Millennials need not be dumb. Let us beat the label. And, now!


There are two types of people: 1) those who do; and, 2) those who say they do but don’t – or, at least, not yet. In one way or another, all of us will be forced to “do” sooner or later. That is how life works really. If you don’t move with life, it doesn’t matter because you, too, will be dragged along.

Many of the things we will be speaking of in this platform aren’t really novel. These are basically the same tenets by which generations before strove to live. What we do, however, is infuse the flavor of the “Information Age” into these timeless concepts – may they be about personal development, social relationships, career, finances or leisure and entertainment.

We are featuring known personalities in human development and career building. We are speaking with budding entrepreneurs and established tycoons on what the business world is like. We are also taking you to many fantastic places, to diversed and colorful cultures and to varied sets of thinking. We are attempting to paint a well-balanced and happy life filled with the necessities one may dream of for himself from yoga and meditation, to running, to venture capitalism, to entrepreneurship, to the latest legion of technological breakthroughs, to the azure seas and verdant mountains, to surviving the great outdoors, and to living the one life in general.

You see, we are ambitious and we are loving it. After everything is said and done, what matters the most are the things we did and not those that we could have done.




57 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. What an interesting page this is! It didn’t take me long to work out you’re from The Philippines. We’ve been there once when we travelled to Manila to bring our adopted son home. Such an interesting experience – and such a colourful country of many contrasts.
    Thank you so much for following my blog – I’m going to travel around yours a bit now !

    Liked by 1 person

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