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Life is indubitably beautiful, and the least that we can do is count these precious gems which make life worth living. We will take the time this year to visit many of the top attractions in the country in the hopes of bearing witness to the grandeur that is this life.

We will also attempt to make objective reviews on the places we will have the opportunity to see and stay in — thus, we won’t be engaging in any paid review and the like. We will appreciate, however, sincerest invitations from any of the hospitality businesses in the country. And, hopefully, we will be of help to you, too. We are excited to come and see you.

If there is one place which, you think, makes life more beautiful, nominate it here!



TOP HOTELS. We are listing down hotels, lodges and BnB’s all around the country. These are every traveler’s little gems. Warm, nice and cozy hotels which don’t hurt the wallet are godsends for vagabonds like you and me. We will be rating them in four (4) criteria namely: comfort, cost, accessibility and customer service.

We will also try to provide the most recent and the most accurate details of the services they offer. We will also rate them based on how satisfied we will be as their guests. Please note, however, that you may not agree with our opinions as we may have differing perceptions on things. Rest assured, we will respect your views on the matter and we expect the same from you.



TOP BEACHES. Sun, sand and the seas. We will give you the most extensive list of the beaches, resorts and islands that we will be exploring this year — may it be in Cebu or in other provinces of the country. We will try not to miss out a single detail in our narration, and in doing so, hopefully, we will be able to inspire you to go on your own adventure, too.

We will be including both private and public beaches in our list. We will be rating them according to four (4) criteria namely: experience, cost, accessibility and environment impact.



TOP MOUNTAINS. Mountaineering has been gaining popularity in recent years and for a good reason. There is nothing comparable to the euphoria of reaching the summit after a grueling climb. In here, we will list down all the majestic mountains we will dare brave and climb, the enchanting falls and springs we will take dips in and the awe-inspiring caves and cliffs we will get to see and discover. Plus, we are planning on jumping on to the mountain biking wagon and start kicking. Oh, man! How excited are we!

We will also be reviewing popular mountain resorts which are offering various attractions may it be here in Cebu or in other provinces of the country. We will be rating them according to four (4) criteria: experience, cost, accessibility and environment impact.



TOP RESTAURANTS. If we wish to understand how people live and think, we eat with them. Each staple… each delicacy… each cuisine tells a story. Why one dish is prepared a certain way… why a group of people favors one taste over the other shows us a fragment in time we often ignore on account of its innate triviality. Every bite and every mouthful unfold a story we seldom see.

We will listing down the top must-try restaurants and delicacies here in Cebu or in other provinces of the country. Please note, however, that we will be rating them according to the type of market where they belong (i.e. Street food is entirely different from fine dining and should be treated as thus). The four (4) criteria are experience, cost, cleanliness and customer service.




We are inviting you to join our community and let us see the world together. We would love to hear your stories. Shoot us a message here!

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