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Life is indubitably beautiful, and the least that we can do is count these precious gems which make life worth living. We will take the time this year to visit many of the popular destinations in the country in the hopes of bearing witness to the grandeur that is this life.

In this spirit, we come up with a list we dearly call as “the bucket list”. As the name suggests, the bucket list will be our humble compilation of the things and places that make life more beautiful which we hope to go to and see in this lifetime.

If there is one place you think deserves to be on the list, nominate it here!


TOP DESTINATIONS. Wanderlust is quite the word — at least it is these days. If the good number of traveling promotions and tour packages are any indication, the traveling fever has been definitely reaching its peak. Mountaineering has garnered gigantic following over the years. The good old camping has regained its popularity too. In fact, bike camping — which is essentially camping — has been quite the buzzword in the office recently.

If there is one good place to start this traveling frenzy, it is Cebu. Beautiful beaches. Serene mountains. Historic places full of stories that define the Cebuano spirit. Majestic waterfalls. Cebu is certainly a cornucopia of history, natural wonders and warm hospitality.



TOP HOTELS. One of the most important criteria of an amazing vacation is great accommodation. Comfort and convenience are two factors we always look for whether in a hotel, lodge or a BnB. In fact, people are willing to spend thousands of moolah for a perfect sojourn after a day of wandering about.

Let us also not forget the significance of ambiance and its effect in the overall traveling experience. Many hotels now do not only offer a bed and a place to stay but also the general experience of their traveling ideals. Some offer the rustic and quaint feel of living in the countryside. Others provide the experience of elegance of royal living. Still others come up with various themes which cater to every whim and fancy.



TOP BEACHES. Sun, sand and the seas. Who doesn’t love the beach? Cebu has the best beaches in the region. White sand. Blue clear waters. Awe-inspiring diving spots. Cebu has it all. Cebu is beautifully outlined by beaches in varying degrees of pulchritude. Bantayan Island, Sumilon Island, Moalboal, Tingko Beach — you name it.

Wear your tan all year round in Cebu. The beach is just an hour or two away.



TOP RESTAURANTS. If we wish to understand how people live and think, we eat with them. Each staple… each delicacy… each cuisine tells a story. Why one dish is prepared a certain way… why a group of people favors one taste over the other shows us a fragment in time we often ignore on account of its innate triviality. Every bite and every mouthful unfold a story we seldom see.

Cebu is not what it is without amazing food. I mean, Cebuanos has a knack for coming up with food ideas — some, insane; others, deliciously insane. Tuslob buwa. Larsian. Lansiao. Larang. Come on, this is making me hungry right now. If you have to come to Cebu, don’t miss the food; else, you are missing the point of coming.




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